Monday, 20 January 2014

Tutorial : Elephant Themed Breakfast

I am an Ele-friend! Yay!
Earlier this year, I made this circus elephant-themed breakfast for New Year!
It's really simple and I just used things I had at home.

What was used :
1) Layer cake
2) Bread
3) Grape Jam (Stolen from McDonalds)
 I cut a piece of layer cake as a stand.
 Then cut bread with a scissors into an elephant shape. There were 3 parts (body, ear, trunk/nose). I also cut a tinsy bit on the back of the body making the elephant's tail.
 From the excess layer cake, I cut a circle with a knife. I wanted to make it into a ball but thought it looked funny. So I changed it after.
 I added grape jam and made words saying "Happy New Year" with excess layer cut that was trimmed of the stand.
and ta-daa !! That was my breakfast of the day.

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