Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Officially Graduated : CIMP

 Aloha everyone! I'm so glad to say that I am now officially graduated from CIMP!
 Can you spot my name under the 'Certificates of Recognition'?
 I'm under the '80% and Above (Ontario Scholars)'! This means I got above 80% average.
 Graduation was filled with speech and tons other stuff. So we, simply being students, decided to take tons of photos while waiting for our turn to go on stage.
 Her name is Ling Wai !
 Graduating Nerdy.
 Here are my CIMP lecturers :
 Mr.Dave, International Business
 Mr.Cahill, Families
 Mr.Tan, English
 Mr.Eric, Communications Technology
Mr.Chen, Malaysian Studies
 Mr.Futa, Principle of CIMP.

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