Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Clay Puppy Love

Greetings earthlings! Good morning!
I have some crafty photos to share with you! Yay!
This was done just about a week or two ago. It's ordered as a birthday present with 4 of the receiver's favourite dogs.

 I started by making the base, and then started with the dog. I used white clay for this.
 3 dogs made. The pink dot there is the tongue.
 Pretty much completed!
 Now it's time to paint the dogs!
 These are my reference photos.
 Two white poodles. Not much of painting except the face.
 A beagle.
 A husky with ears down.

More pictures of the little dogs.

This little fella is my favourite. I loved how the painting turned out to be.
 Introducing the four dogs :
and these are the cutesy clay version of them!
The completed product. I loved how it turned out. 
Well, that is all! Thanks for dropping by! Tata!

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