Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tutorial : Bread Sushi

Hello from the beach! This picture is taken by one of my favourite photographers - Adele Ng Photography !
Do check out her page if you want to know more. Anyways, today I'll be teaching you how to make BREAD SUSHI! Yumz!

What you will need :
1) Bread
2) Sushi roller (or you can do without)
3) Ingredients to fill ur bread sushi!

This picture shows what I prepared, but you can fill your bread sushi with anything at all! Even peanut butter or chocolate! Have fun and enjoy!

My ingredients are :
1) Straw mushroom - I fry them with soy sauce myself 
( It turned out super yummy. It was my first time trying this random recipe and it's yummy! )
2) Hard boiled eggs
3) Lettuce
4) Tuna

Place your bread on the sushi roller and add ingredients on it. (If you don't have a roller, roll them by hand) For the chunkier ingredients, be sure not to add them to the whole bread, or your sushi bread would not be able to roll up properly. Instead, it'll have tons of gooey ingredients squashed out in the end. 

If you're using spreads like butter, tuna, chocolate or peanut butter, then go ahead and put a thin layer over the whole bread.

 When you're done, slice them up into about 4 pieces per roll depending on how thick you want your sushi bread to be. This is how it will look like. Yummy eh? I had crabsticks in some of them too!
 My sister was in her room the entire day, so I thought of surprising her with this.
 Yay! Feeling like an awesome sister!

The brother requested for a durian bread sushi :

 Tadaa! I told you you can put anything in there! That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed this post! 

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