Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tutorial : Rainbow M&Ms Cap

 Hey everyone! Check my new cap out! It's covered in 3 rows of yummy colourful rainbow M&Ms! I think it's pretty cool and definitely suit any sweet tooths out there. I ain't a sweet tooth, but I'm already loving it!
 It's actually VERY simple.
All you need is :
1. Plain Hat
2. Non Edible M&Ms
3. Hot Glue Gun

If you can't find non edible M&Ms, you can use anything else from old pearl beads, to rainbow sequins, to different fabrics and many more.

 Step 1 : Get your hot glue gun heated up and ready
Step 2 : Scatter a bunch of non edible M&Ms and arrange their placing on the hat.
Step 3 : Carefully apply some hot glue to the middle of the colourful M&M pieces and quickly stick onto the hat where you want it to be. Start with the middle and work towards both sides.
Step 4 : Repeat till satisfied

Well, that is it! So simple!
I actually wanted to cover the whole white area in M&Ms, but the M&Ms are really pricey and I'm afraid the hat might add up to be too expensive. 

So tadaa! That's it for this simple tutorial. Hope you enjoyed it!
The product will be available soon at BoxOfHobbies! Only one available.

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