Monday, 28 January 2013

Handmade Denim Pouch

 Hey everyone! Check out my new creation! It's a denim sling pouch!
Since I have a sewing machine of my own lying at home and tons of old denim jeans, I decided to slaughter everything up and make something useful.
 I cut out part of the pocket from the jeans and another similarly sized plain denim fabric. Then, I sew the zipper onto the plain denim fabric.

This allows me to cut open the middle of the zipper so I may flip the pouch 'outside in' later on without needing to leave a space at any corners of the original pouch.

 Pin them together so that everything goes in place. I hand sew this part.
I sew a zigzag line across the pouch to keep the two pieces together.
 I kinda like how the zigzag turned out.
 My initial intention was to make it into a wallet. Looks pretty good huh?
 A very simple wallet.
Without trying to iron it into place as a wallet (was a tad bit lazy then), I kept having the idea if it should be a pouch. It looked kinda cute. And from there, I started cutting up long strips of denim fabric and sewing the sides so strands wouldn't escape.
I sew along the edges of the denim strips with the X design.
 The metal rings are from my "Rubbish Made Treasure Box" I mentioned so many times before.
 These clips are also something I've kept for a very very long time. Can't remember where I bought them.
 And finally with that, my pouch is done! I think it looks pretty good.
 I love how the purplish lines shine.
 How I attached them together. I hope that everything's sewed tight and well.
 When I was done with my 'surgery'. This was how messy the place was. All the denim fabric sprawled across the table.
After every project, - yes, it is true that you will make the place messy again when you start another project - , a clean up session should be held.

That's all for this post! Thanks for dropping by!

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