Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Tutorial : Woven Bracelet

Hi Everyone! Today's post is about a woven bracelet! I've only ever tried it once in my life and thought it was pretty interesting. Here's a very brief tutorial on it :

What you will need :

1. Bracelet chain
2. Different coloured yarn strings(preferable 3 colours)
3. Clips
 First of all, prepare your yarn by tying them all together. Make sure the length is longer than the chain. It tends to get shorter as it is woven.
 Get your clips to clip the very top to keep it still.
 Hoop through every single chain loop and braid it just as you would've done so on hair. I loop the strings once every 2 chain as my chains are a different kind that has a flat surface.
 Clip as far as possible to keep the string tight in place. Continue till everything is done, tie a knot and cut the excess.
Tadaa! And you're done!
How lovely does that look? Best of all, you can match your own favourite colours!
Hope you enjoyed the post. See you again soon! Bye!

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