Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Coloured Pencil Fox Drawing

 I always draw only with mechanical pencil. Black and white. Exceptional for a peacock colour drawing I did once. Anyways, now I decided to try it out again.. on a fox. It was sort of better than expected I guess, but then again not exactly what I want.
 I started our drawing the outlines with pencil and darken with black colour pencil. Then, coloured in more details of the ears, eyes and muzzle area.
 I figured I'd start with the fox's muzzle. Wasn't exactly sure how to blend it out. But I tried and I think it looked quite alright.
I think this is the best part of the drawing. Somehow, I felt that it's nicer this way than the completed piece. What do you think?
Here's a bigger photo. I think it's really really nice like that. I shouldn't have complete the full thing should I? haha!! Then again, I'd never know how it'd turn out if I don't.
Bit by bit, I started finishing more of it.
and Walah!!! DONE!!!
I think he looks fine.. just.. well, there's still lots of space for improvements.

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