Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Scrapbooking For Once

I've always loved crafts.
All sorts of crafts. Whether it has to do with fabric, clay, or other re-useable materials, I loved them all. However, there is one that I never really quite fancy. I love looking at them, and I enjoyed hunting for their materials, but I somehow realize I never really liked sitting down and quietly doing that specific craft - Scrapbooking.

I don't know why. Perhaps paper just isn't really my thing. I bought a scrapbook once (many months back), but haven't used it till just last month(April). I dig out all my printed photos and start arranging them on the pages along with cut up patterned papers.
This page is for the dear little baby - Roxy. Her name was cut out on unwanted printed photos. I thought it was cool to use the back of 'em.
And this one's a lovely page full of memories from my birthday this year. Each message came inside a helium balloon. There are more inside that envelope on the top right.

 Another page for the baby(not-so-baby-anymore) Roxy. I've added dollies and mini maple leaves on this page. I got the leaves from a cousin living in Australia. She kept them for scrapbooking purposes but never used them ever since she had her baby (my niece and nephew whom I love very much).
I used tacky glue to keep the fragile leaves in place. They leave a clear gloss on top when it dries. Coat them twice to ensure all sides of the leaves were covered.

That's all for the scrapbooking. Here's the little Roxy's photo from early this year (January). Pictures were taken at Amplitude Music, USJ9 Business Centre by Richard Liew.
Roxy showing off her tricks. This is her praying!
That's all. Bye!

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